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Like Kaizen Voyage, Agilistix Academy is a trading style of Agilistix Ltd.

Having delivered Lean Agile training to numerous organisations and their teams since the company was formed in 2013, Agilistix Academy has been built to support this and make our training more accessible.

Agilistix Academy is our bespoke Cloud Learning Platform, built by us to deliver a range of Live Online, Instructor-Led and On-Demand Agilistix training courses and capable of delivering a range of courses from other training providers too.


As well as receiving training, Learners can access courseware, videos, and cheat sheets, take exams, join community discussion groups and participate in post-training coaching workshops to set them up for success in the workplace.

Rather than publish course Learning Objectives, which are primarily for the trainer, Agilistix training courses have been carefully designed around a Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Outcomes, which are aimed at the Learner.


By bringing real world case studies into the learning environment, our syllabus for Lean Agile training, has been adapted so that Learners can gain an empirical understanding of how Lean Agile implementations commonly fail, how to identify this and how to begin to address it when it happens.

We believe our real-world training is more effective than the conventional “academic” style training of a subject. When Learners begin to utilise their newly acquired Lean Agile skills in the workplace, their working environments are rarely ideal, often highly dysfunctional, with unmotivated teams and frustrated management.

This is the reality.

It is common practice to teach from a textbook-only mindset. However, this is unrealistic, unhelpful, and demotivating.

In contrast, we teach our Learners to also learn from the failings of others. Embracing failure in this way, in order to improve, is fundamental to a Kaizen mindset. This sets our Learners up for success in the workplace.   

We keep it real.


Learners who graduate Agilistix training courses, earn a digital credential with Credly in recognition of their achievement.

Credly is the world’s largest and most connected digital credential network, hosting the career achievements for top training brands, certification providers, higher education institutions and employers.


Recognised industry leading organisations such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Autodesk, City & Guilds, and ESRI, all trust Credly to manage, verify and allow their learners to share their earned digital credentials with each other, potential employers and customers.

Agilistix Academy graduates can also leverage the benefits of boosting their careers with blockchain-verifiable and easily sharable digital credentials, and also keep their important certifications together with Credly.

Your relationship with other training organisations often ends when the training ends.

They call it, "train and go"

In contrast, after completing our training,
we invite you to stay with us for a while,
grow your knowledge and confidence,
as you continually improve
with the help of our Faculty Team Coaches.

We call it...



We know from experience that your deepest learning really starts at the end of our training, when you prepare for exams or even begin to actually implement in your workplace, what you have learned with us.

This is when your need for professional coaching support is greatest.

After your training course is over, our qualifying courses* also give you ongoing coaching, with 60-day membership of Agilistix Academy, FREE of charge.

This is to set you up for success while you grow your knowledge and deepen your experience.